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Part marking and traceability shouldn’t constrain or inhibit your manufacturing process and tie up your workforce unnecessarily. A Custom Marking Solution can have huge benefits to your manufacturing process

For you to be as productive as possible – as effective with your processes as you can be – we make it our mission to solve complex engineering challenges surrounding identification and traceability, that make your business perform better. Combined with our range of standard Marking Machines and Hand Tools, the option to have a custom marking solutions built by our Pryor Solutions team makes us the most complete marking machine equipment supplier in the world

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RFID part reading fixture
Custom Fixturing and Part Holding
Custom Workstation
Custom Workstations
Automated Part Handling
Automated Part Handling and Robotics
Production Line Marking Solutions
Production Line Marking Solutions
Touchscreen HMI with custom software
Custom Software Development


Robotic Laser VIN system 3
VIN Marking Systems
Aerospace part marking
Large Aerospace Marking Cells

What we offer…

Our in-house team of engineers and designers work with our customers to design and manufacture bespoke, custom marking solutions. We have a wealth of experience in a wide range of industries to provide automated marking systems, integration with production lines, bespoke workstations, robotic marking systems, integrated vision systems for mark verification and mark placement, integration with MES and PLC systems, bespoke part handling, fixturing – and so much more.

As the market leader, Pryor’s Solutions Division can’t wait to meet each new challenge.

However ambitious, intricate or precise your requirements, we are determined to not only follow, but be ready and waiting when your requirement for marking becomes even more complex, faster or growing exponentially.

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